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Hospitality management

Hospitality management (English)

Hospitality is what it's all about with hospitality management bachelor. The hospitality sector is very important to the Dutch economy. Many foreigners come to explore the Netherlands, making their stay in both hotels and bungalow parks. There is also a high level of domestic tourism to the many recreation and amusement parks. Hospitality management is therefore a versatile profession. You can become a PR manager, communications manager or purchasing manager. The Hospitality Management bachelor course also trains you to become an organiser of congresses, exhibitions and other large events. As hospitality manager you will have a wide range of expertise. You will make an event successful using your oversight, creativity and management skills. The Hotel and Event management bachelor course teaches all of these.

Hospitality management course

Tio University has a bachelor course that perfectly suits the professional practice requirements of hospitality managers. In just three years you will be trained to become an all-round hospitality manager with the Hospitality Management bachelor course.

Employment in the hospitality sector

Over the coming years a total of 13,200 new employees will be required in the profession of manager. In comparison with other professional groups it is not particularly remarkable. Currently there are 59,500 people in this professional group. In comparison with other professional groups this is a high number. This professional group is active over a very wide area, as already described in the first paragraph.

Bachelor of hospitality management in 3 years

You can complete the Hospitality Management bachelor course in three years at Tio University. Based on the secondary education hotel school degree, this can even be completed in 2 years.

Hospitality Management bachelor